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LispEnvironment Class Reference

#include <lispenvironment.h>

Inheritance diagram for LispEnvironment:

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Detailed Description

The Lisp environment. This huge class is the central class of the Yacas program. It implements a dialect of Lisp.

Definition at line 54 of file lispenvironment.h.

Public Member Functions

LispPrinter & CurrentPrinter ()
LispStringPtr FindCachedFile (LispCharPtr aFileName)
LispInt GetUniqueId ()
void operator delete (void *object)
void operator delete[] (void *object)
void * operator new (size_t size)
void * operator new[] (size_t size)
LispStringPtr PrettyPrinter (void)
void SetPrettyPrinter (LispStringPtr aPrettyPrinter)
LispInt BinaryPrecision (void) const
LispInt Precision (void) const
void SetPrecision (LispInt aPrecision)
 set precision to a given number of decimal digits
LispOperators & Bodied ()
LispOperators & InFix ()
LispOperators & PostFix ()
LispOperators & PreFix ()
Lisp functions
YacasCoreCommandsCoreCommands ()
 Return the iCoreCommands attribute.
void DeclareMacroRuleBase (LispStringPtr aOperator, LispPtr &aParameters, LispInt aListed)
void DeclareRuleBase (LispStringPtr aOperator, LispPtr &aParameters, LispInt aListed)
LispDefFiles & DefFiles ()
void DefineRule (LispStringPtr aOperator, LispInt aArity, LispInt aPrecedence, LispPtr &aPredicate, LispPtr &aBody)
void DefineRulePattern (LispStringPtr aOperator, LispInt aArity, LispInt aPrecedence, LispPtr &aPredicate, LispPtr &aBody)
LispHashTableHashTable ()
void HoldArgument (LispStringPtr aOperator, LispStringPtr aVariable)
LispMultiUserFunctionMultiUserFunction (LispStringPtr aArguments)
void RemoveCommand (LispCharPtr aString)
void RemoveCoreCommand (LispCharPtr aString)
void Retract (LispStringPtr aOperator, LispInt aArity)
void SetCommand (YacasEvalCaller aEvaluatorFunc, LispCharPtr aString, LispInt aNrArgs, LispInt aFlags)
void UnFenceRule (LispStringPtr aOperator, LispInt aArity)
LispUserFunctionUserFunction (LispStringPtr aName, LispInt aArity)
LispUserFunctionUserFunction (LispPtr &aArguments)
Input and output
LispInputCurrentInput ()
LispOutputCurrentOutput ()
LispCharPtr ErrorString (LispInt aError)
void SetCurrentInput (LispInput *aInput)
void SetCurrentOutput (LispOutput *aOutput)
void SetUserError (LispCharPtr aErrorString)
Lisp variables
void CurrentLocals (LispPtr &aResult)
void GetVariable (LispStringPtr aVariable, LispPtr &aResult)
void NewLocal (LispStringPtr aVariable, LispObject *aValue)
void PopLocalFrame ()
void PushLocalFrame (LispBoolean aFenced)
void SetGlobalEvaluates (LispStringPtr aVariable)
void SetVariable (LispStringPtr aString, LispPtr &aValue)
void UnsetVariable (LispStringPtr aString)
Constructor and destructor
 LispEnvironment (YacasCoreCommands &aCoreCommands, LispUserFunctions &aUserFunctions, LispGlobal &aGlobals, LispHashTable &aHashTable, LispOutput *aOutput, LispPrinter &aPrinter, LispOperators &aPreFixOperators, LispOperators &aInFixOperators, LispOperators &aPostFixOperators, LispOperators &aBodiedOperators, LispInput *aCurrentInput, LispInt aStackSize)
 ~LispEnvironment ()

Public Attributes

CCompressedArchive * iArchive
RefPtr< LispObjectiBracketClose
RefPtr< LispObjectiBracketOpen
DeletingLispCleanup iCleanup
RefPtr< LispObjectiComma
CommonLispTokenizer iCommonLispTokenizer
CTokenizer iCTokenizer
LispTokenizer * iCurrentTokenizer
DefaultDebugger * iDebugger
LispTokenizer iDefaultTokenizer
InputDirectories iDllDirectories
CDllArray iDlls
RefPtr< LispObjectiEndOfFile
RefPtr< LispObjectiEndStatement
LispString iError
StringOutput iErrorOutput
LispInt iEvalDepth
RefPtr< LispObjectiFalse
InputDirectories iInputDirectories
InputStatus iInputStatus
LispInt iLastUniqueId
RefPtr< LispObjectiList
RefPtr< LispObjectiListClose
RefPtr< LispObjectiListOpen
LocalVariableFrame * iLocalsList
LispInt iMaxEvalDepth
RefPtr< LispObjectiNth
RefPtr< LispObjectiProg
RefPtr< LispObjectiProgClose
RefPtr< LispObjectiProgOpen
LispInt iSecure
YacasArgStack iStack
RefPtr< LispObjectiTrue
XmlTokenizer iXmlTokenizer

Protected Attributes

LispInt iBinaryPrecision
LispInt iPrecision
 current precision for user interaction, in decimal and in binary

Private Member Functions

LispPtrFindLocal (LispStringPtr aVariable)

Private Attributes

LispOperators & iBodiedOperators
 Hash of core commands with associated YacasEvaluator.
LispDefFiles iDefFiles
 Hash of global variables with their values.
LispOperators & iInFixOperators
LispOperators & iPostFixOperators
LispOperators & iPreFixOperators
LispStringPtr iPrettyPrinter
LispPrinter & iPrinter
LispCharPtr theUserError


class  LispLocalVariable
class  LocalVariableFrame
class  YacasArgStack

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